Our Background

We at NOLASecure.IT have decades of IT experiences ranging from help-desk support to large enterprise deployments.

Our team focuses on securing and deploying IT infrastructures. Our view on security is not limited to securing sensitive information. We also consider how long would it take your organization to return to normal business operations after an incident.

Our view on Security

No system is perfect. We begin with the assumption that the only secure system is a system that is powered off and unplugged. We believe that security is a spectrum; there will always be a compromise between convenience and security. More often than not, convenience tends to win over security. We can help by establishing smart and well-thought-out policies to minimize downtime or loses.

Services we offer

IT Deployments

We believe technology should enhance your business experience. Choosing the right solution can be frustrating, however. Let us use our expertise to find the best tool for your business operations. We will research and deploy the right solution for your business within the following criteria:

  • user-friendly
  • easily adjustable to meet organizational growth
  • reliable, with backup systems in case of emergency

On-Going Monitoring and Alerts

Real-time monitoring of network intrusions can prevent a small hack from becoming a huge problem. We offer on-going monitoring services for your network and other digital assets. We install a small computer on your network that will do the following:

  • provide on-going monitoring of sensitive assets
  • log uptime and downtime
  • issue alerts when specific systems need attention
  • provide periodic reports, which include:
    • network maps
    • out-of-date systems
Rates and Prices
  • $400 per month with a minimum of a 3-month commitment
    • Hardware cost is included but expected to be returned at the end of contract
  • $400 per month with no commitment if client purchases the hardware
  • Weekly Summary of health of network
  • Weekly Summary of threats and attacks
  • Summary of client or protocols to monitor more closely
  • Email or text notification to your IT partner regarding High-Priority alerts

Education and Training

We’re passionate about information security, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge. Let us come to your organization for a workshop about password security and other basic safety measures, or a lunch-and-learn covering hot-button topics in information security. It’s important for your employees outside of the IT department to be aware of security measures, and we can convey this information in an engaging and non-technical way. Some of our most popular topics are:

  • social-engineering
  • email safety
  • password security

Penetration Testing

Sometimes, the only way to discover weaknesses in a system is to attack it. With penetration testing, we at NOLASecure.IT are the hackers. Unlike real hackers, however, we won't cause any damage. Instead, we will pinpoint holes in your security and provide you with a solution to fill in the gaps.

Rates & Prices

Each engagement is different as each network typography differs. The rate will be a function of

  • time allocated to breach network
  • number of IP ranges and systems
  • internal audit or audit of publicly facing assets

The starting rate $3,500 for a 7-day engagement

  • executive summary report of engagement with recommendations
  • detailed report for compromised assets
  • recommendation for improvements

Special Projects

IT departments are busy. Giving an IT department a large project with no additional support can impose a burden on your employees. We can step in and provide assistance for projects so your regular IT staff can continue focusing on day to day operations of your technology infrastructure.

We at NOLASecure.IT love a challenge and would love to hear about new ideas you have to improve your business. Let us do the tinkering, the research, and the prototyping. We can provide a solution customized to your business needs.

Prices & Rates

We charge a standard rate of $150/hour for one-off projects